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English  |  العربية 03:50:39, Thursday, 17 Apr 2014

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UN welcomes offer by Germany for the resettlement of 100 Camp Hurriya residents

Baghdad, 18 April 2013 - The United Nations welcomes the offer by the German government for the resettlement of approximately 100 Camp Hurriya residents in Germany. كوردی


“Germany’s offer follows a similar one by the Albanian government to relocate 210 residents in Albania, and I am very grateful to both countries for having offered durable solutions for the residents of Camp Hurriya,” the UN Envoy in Iraq, Mr. Martin Kobler, declared, adding that “this announcement also follows the Secretary-General’s repeated public and bilateral appeals to Member States to offer residents resettlement opportunities."


"This generous offer by Germany is a demonstration of international solidarity and burden-sharing for a vulnerable population," said UNHCR Representative in Iraq, Ms. Claire Bourgeois. "I strongly encourage other countries to follow Albania and Germany’s lead.”


Camp Hurriya has over 3,000 residents. With Albania’s and Germany’s offers, 10% of the camp’s residents now have firm offers to relocate safely to third countries. “I call on Camp Hurriya residents to cooperate with UNHCR to bring about a speedy and safe resettlement outside Iraq," the UN Envoy said.

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